Video for Final Project

For my final, I decided to do one big video to tie my story together. It tells the story of how my Character Deidra spent her major holidays as a college student. To tell my story, I began introducing the story like I had planned with my index card video similar to one that I did previously called “Deidra’s story”. To continue my story, I used a mixture of GIFS , photos, and screenshots of my story narrative typed up in my notes on my phone. I used voice overs to explain what each GIF meant/how it involved the story. With the voice overs, I was able to adjust the fad on the volume, so I reduced it to 50% and I think it blends nicely with the background music. The GIFS were almost like illustrations to paint the picture of the story that I wanted to tell. To bring everything together, I included an instrumental song in background to play while the video went through. To create my video, I used iMovie on my phone and edited the video on my phone as well.

I decided to do one concise video because I thought that it would be easier for other readers to follow the story line that I wanted to create. Overall, the project wasn’t too difficult. I was able to use different techniques that I learned over the semester to put together this video. When it came down to me putting the video together and editing the video, I didn’t really run into any challenges. In this aspect, I would probably say that the most challenging thing for me was deciding which GIF I wanted to use and what song I wanted to play in the background.


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