This Week With More Videos

This week we continued working with videos and using them to tell stories.

to begin this week, I created three daily creates.

For the first daily create, I created a reminder for daylights savings time. To create this daily create I used a GIF image of a Dalmatian dog setting the clock back. I chose this GIF because it reminded me of the movie 101 Dalmatians which was one of my favorite movies when I was younger.

For my second daily create, I retold a distant memory from when I was younger. The memory was about a dog that I used to have. We had our pet dog for a little while and I remember that my younger brother and I went out of town and when we returned the dog wasn’t there anymore. When we asked where she was, our parents told us that she got out of the gate and ran away. We believed that story for a while but as I got older, I started to put together the pieces and remembered that we never left her outside by herself and we always kept the gate closed. When I was older I questioned my parents about our dog again and they admitted that they gave her away to another family.

For my third daily create, I shared a song from my childhood. The song that I chose was Crank That (Soulja Boy) by Soulja Boy. This song came out when I was in middle school. I remember when it came out, everyone tried to learn the dance and when the song would come on we would all do the dance that went with the song, or at least we tried to. Listening to the song brings back memories and from time to time when I hear it playing, I try to do the dance again.

To continue this week, I also created a few video assignments. These assignments included a word… a picture… a story, stop motion, moving object, and this is my story.

The first assignment, a word…a picture…a story,  was one of my favorites. To complete it, we were supposed to come up with 5-10 words and then do a Google image search on the words we selected. When doing the image search, we were to choose the image of one of the first visible photos for the word. I chose to use words that described Deidra. After choosing the words, I began looking for images and screenshot the ones that I liked. Once I gathered the images, I put them in the order that I wanted them to go in and I imported them into iMovie to create the word video. Once I formatted the video the way I wanted to, I added a song form my playlist and added it to the background. This assignment was simple but enjoyable.


The assignment Stop Motion, was similar to the moving object assignment that I completed. To complete this assignment, we were supposed to create a 2-5 minute stop motion video. I tried to be creative and decided to make a train go around the grain track. Before I could actually start recording, I had to assemble the toy train track. Once I did that, I tried to think of the best way to create a stop motion video while making sure that it flows and isn’t too chopy. I chose to use snapchat to aide me with this video. I started with the train in one position and tried to record a play by play of the train moving each step. While recording, I found it hard to keep the camera at one angle so I tried to capture this video from multiple angles. For this to be my first time, I think it was pretty good but if I were to do it again I would try to move the train in smaller transitions and using smaller objects to mark where the train started and when it passed the object. I used iMovie to add background music and edit the video.

For the assignment, moving object, we were tasked with making an object move using vine. Instead of using vine, I used snapchat because vine isn’t really a thing anymore. The object that I chose to make move was a toy truck. I recorded small snippets of videos and put them together to make it appear as though the truck was moving. While recording, I made sure to use props so others could see that the truck moved from point a to point b. I used the bedside table to mark the starting point. I used another toy car to mark the midway point, and then I used a toy dinosaur to mark the endpoint. I tried to record a piece of the video making sure I got the truck approaching the object, getting next to the object, and passing the object. This assignment wasn’t hard and putting the different videos together to form one video wasn’t too hard either. I used the story feature on snapchat to create one story and then I used iMovie to tie it all together. Through iMovie, I was able to insert background music, a tittle page, and a credits page. iMovie’s features helped to create smooth transitions form one screen to the next screen.

To complete the assignment, this is my story, I created a story and and told it from my character’s point of view. I chose to do a story about Deidra attempting to jump onto her trampoline from her balcony on the second floor. I chose to do this story because Deidra is the type of person who sets a goal and tries to complete that goal no matter how big, small, or in this case, risky it may be. Once I created the story, I began to transcribe it on index cards for the video. Creating the story and writing it on index cards was the easy part. For me, the challenging part was recording the video and making sure the viewers would be able to read the index cards. I found this part challenging because I couldn’t get the lighting right. When the lighting was dim, it was easier to read the index cards on the screen but everything else was also dim. When the light was bright, everything in the background was lit and looked nice but when I would hold the cards up to the screen it was harder to see what I wrote due to the glare. Eventually, I found a good position to hold the index cards so that viewers could read it. After completing the video, I realized I probably should have used a darker marker so that it would be easier to read and glare wouldn’t be much of a problem. Now I know what to do for next time. Overall, I think story was different, a little comical, and described the daredevils side of Deidra. To record the video, I used my laptop. While recording, I had soft music playing in the background. I added an intro screen and closing screen with the help of iMovie. I was also able to edit the video and change the color through iMovie.

Working with Video this week was great and it gave me a better insight on how to tell stories in creative ways using video.

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