This week with Mashup/Remix

This week we took a look at mashups and remixes. I thought this would be a challenging area to work with but it actually wasn’t as bad. To begin with my assignments for this week, I did 3 mashup assignments and 2 remix assignments.

For the first 3 mash up assignments, I chose to do Holiday Mashup, Mashing friends with emojis, and Superhuman in everyday life.

To complete the assignment, Holiday Mashup, we were to use a photo editing software to mash up our top 3 holiday celebrations. I chose to mash up 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. To do this, I used a picture of a Christmas tree, a turkey, and fireworks. I then brought the photos together using the Photoshop mix app. Once I inserted the pictures, I edited a few of them so that the fireworks would blend behind the Christmas tree. I then added a background color to tie all of the images together.

Favorite Holiday Mashup

I chose to use my character Deidra as inspiration in creating this assignment. Her story behind this assignment could be found here at this link below.

For the Mashing Friends with Emojis, we were to mash a photo of an emoji together with a photo of a friend imitating the emoji. I figured it would be fun to have multiple friends to try to help me. After finding a few friends who were willing to be my model imitators, I allowed them to each select an emoji that they wanted to imitate. After choosing their emoji, they each tried to copy the emoji to the best of their ability. When they were ready, I took a picture of them posing. For a few them, we ended up taking a few pictures to try to math it up to what the emoji was doing. Once I had my pictures of my friends, I went back and got pictures of the emojis. To do this, I took a black photo on snapchat and inserted the emoji as a sticker. When I was finished with that, I brought the pictures together using the layout app that I have on my phone. I was able to insert the two pictures together to create a comparison. I chose to create two photos where the two pictures were side by side and two pictures that were stacked on top of each other. After formatting the pictures, I saved them to my camera roll and edited the colors of each photo. I’m happy with the results that I got and had fun working with a few of my friends to complete this assignment.

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Emoji Mashup #ds106

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Because I enjoyed working on this assignment, I chose to create a step by step tutorial to assist others who choose to do this assignment. I even included a sample of my work in this tutorial.

For Superhuman in everyday life, we were to mash up at least 2 photos showing a superpower that we wished we had. I chose the power to people’s minds. I found a picture of a superhero girl reading someone’s mind and mashed it with a photo of people sitting around talking. To do this, I used the app Photoshop mix and brought the photos together. I then cut the background and adjusted the photo to blend with the main photo. Using the app to mash the photos was a little difficult at first but as I played around with it and looked at the tutorials I began to understand how use some of the features. It’s still a work in progress.

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Superpower Mashup #mindreader #ds106

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After completing the mashup assignments, I began looking at remixing assignments. When I first started, I thought that remixing an assignment meant that we would have to recreate an assignment on our own. I was happy to see that after pressing the remix button there was a remix suggestion ready for me and if it didn’t work with the assignment that I had then I could refresh the page for a new one. I chose to remix two assignments that I’ve done in the past. Those assignments were It’s a bird, it’s a plane and your room. The remixed assignments are now called It’s a bird, it’s a plane [remixed]: Pretty In Pink and Your Room [remixed]: The Opposer.

For It’s a bird, it’s a plane, we were supposed to try to capture a blurry picture of an object. For the remixed assignment, we were supposed to take the original assignment and turn it pink. I chose to do this by finding a pink object and attempting to take a Blurry photo. To blur the photo, I moved my phone back and forth repeatedly and then pressed the button to capture the picture. I had to do this a few times to get the photo right. The first few times it was completely blurry. I tried to do it again but then I ended up taking a photo that missed the objects that I was focusing on. I finally got the blurred object on the last picture.

For the assignment your room, we were supposed to capture a quick boomerang video of our bedrooms. To do the remixed assignment, we were supposed to do the opposite of what the original assignment said to do. Instead of doing a boomerang of my bed room, I did the opposite and took a video tour of my bathroom. I chose to do this because when I tried to think of something opposite of my bedroom, the first thing that I thought about was the bathroom. A boomerang is a short quick video that could be use to capture a shot of my room. To do the opposite of that, I took a video showing everything in my bathroom which was longer than two seconds.

To complete my assignments this week, I created two daily creates.

For the first daily create, I tried to bring warmth to the winter. To do this I thought about things that usually keep me warm and toasty when I’m cold and the first thing that came to mind was one of my favorite warm blankets and a pair of cozy socks. I then searched for an image to go with my idea since I wasn’t home to capture myself curled up in my cozy socks and warm blanket.

For the second daily create, we had to capture a New Yorker cartoon of a man wearing a bunny suit. Many ideas for what to capture the picture ran through my mind but the one that chose to go with was the one about be surprised that someone actually went through and completed a bet.

To insert the caption on the provided picture, I chose to use the app Photoshop mix so that I could get some practice with using this app.

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