This Week with Design

This week, our focus was on design. I enjoyed working on the assignments this week because it allowed me to be creative in a way that I am familiar with. The assignments weren’t too difficult to create and they weren’t too time consuming as the audio week was.

This week I did 4 assignments from the design assignments category. This included Create your own DS106 Wallpaper, Generate Cool Letters, Favorite Movie Quotes, and Story Telling through Pictures.

Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper!

For this assignment, I created my DS106 wallpaper using the website I started off with a blank document and scrolled through the templates that were on the website to get a feel of how I could design my wallpaper and what elements I wanted to use. After browsing through the templates, I decided that I would create my own design. I decided to use a picture of a building on campus as my focal image. I did this because the first thing that I think about when I see DS106 is our school, University of Mary Washington. To get a copy of the picture onto Canva, I had to upload the image to the website. Once I positioned my photo onto my working space, I adjusted the transparency of the photo so that it could fade into the background a little more.  I then proceeded to look for the font that I wanted to use. While looking through some of the font options, I had the idea to insert the title “DS106” in a circle and have the words “Digital Storytelling” alongside of it. Instead of Digital Story telling being read horizontally, I chose to rotate it 90 degrees so that it would be vertical. The circle that I chose to use was inserted from the shapes box. I expanded it and changed the transparency so that the circle could be seen without taking away from the background. To finish off the wallpaper, I colored the outside boarder to a navy blue and then I inserted an arrow to make it look like a cursor. I chose to insert the used as a representation for online since we are taking this course online. I’m happy with the way my wall paper turned out. I think it’s simple but incorporates what I think of when I think of our class.

Generate Cool Letters

Using the website provided,, I was able to create a cool logo for my character Deidra the Determinator. The website allows you to create your own custom logos or you can use one of the ones that they provided and customize that. I chose to customize my own after playing around on the website. For my font, I used their “cool fancy text generator” chose to do one that I haven’t used before. This font is different and it includes different markings through its letters. After choosing the font, I copied it and I chose a logo to customize. From there, I was able to change the line space, letter spacing, and font size. When I was finished with that, I proceeded to the logo section where I was able to customize the stroke color, stroke width, background color, and text color. I was able to create a shadow with my logo my manipulating the different functions under the shadow category. Before I finished the logo, I chose a background that I felt would blend nicely with my logo.

Favorite Movie Quote

One of my all-time favorite movies is The Little Rascals. I can quote just about all the lines from the movie. One of my favorite scenes is when Alfalfa decides to write Darla a love note after being told he couldn’t see her because he was on probation. In order for him to get the note to her, he had to tell his friends that it was a hate note so that they would deliver it. As he writes his actual note telling Darla that he can’t live without her, he says the fake message

“Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You’re skum between my toes. Love Alfalfa”. As his friends deliver the note to Darla, they misplace the actual note and verbally tell her what it “said”.  I love the way they restated the note for her. Every time I see that part of the movie, I laugh to myself. I could only imagine the thoughts that were going through Darla’s mind at the moment.

Storytelling Through Pictures

For this assignment, I chose to tell the story of the time my character, Deidra the Determinator, broke her leg in high school. I chose to use clip art pictures to tell her story.

 It was Deidra’s sophomore year of high school. She had finally made the varsity cheerleading team and was very excited. Whenever she was free, she would practice her routines and her tumbling. As her team was preparing for competition, they decided to add new stunts to improve their routine. After spending multiple weeks trying to nail this stunt, her team began to feel defeated because they were still having difficulty completing the routine perfectly. The captain wanted to take part of the stunt, where Deidra would be high up in the air, out of the routine but Deidra was determined to master it and showcase it at the competition. She believed that part of the stunt was their secret weapon and would help their team win number one. After practicing a few more times, the team was finally able to nail their routine. The day before the competition, the team practiced one more time. The practice was going great until the very end of the routine where Deidra was in the air. Coming down, Deidra fell pretty hard and ended up breaking her leg. Not only would she have to wear a cast until her leg was healed, but she also couldn’t compete in the competition.

Since she couldn’t cheer with her leg being broken, Deidra had so much more free time on her hands. To save herself from complete boredom, she started drawing and creating things on paper that she had thought up in her mind. She didn’t think her work was that great but some of her friends saw her pieces and were completely amazed by what they saw. Her friends encouraged her to continue with her creativity and even suggested that she look into a few art classes to help her improve her artistic creative ability. While she still loves cheering and hopes to get back to it soon, she found another passion for art and used that as a way to occupy her free time while she waited for her foot to leg to heal.


For this assignment, I took a few pictures around my house and on campus that demonstrates some of the design principles.

My first photo shows dominance. When looking at the photo, the viewer’s eyes will go to the Aspire banner and then they will look at the other objects in the photo. The Aspire banner is dominant. The next item that the viewer’s eye’s may go to is the light post and/or the tree. I believe these two items are subdominant. The last thing that the viewer may see is the people in the background and the walking path. These items would be the subordinate items.

Photo two represents rhythm. The pot holder’s design includes flowers with specific colors that repeat. I believe the pattern on the potholder is a regular pattern because elements and the intervals between the elements share the same size.

Photo three shows proportion. There are three items in this photo that are different and vary in size and shape. The flowers that are in the vase also show proportion. Some of the flowers are tall while the others are shorter.

Photo four displays typography and also shows a message. The words written on this canvas displays words with different font sizes and styles. The use of different font styles can help grasp the viewer’s attention. There’s also a message displayed in this photo that tells the viewer to follow their heart ad do what makes you happy.

For my Daily Creates this week, I took a look to see what bat boy has been doing with himself since the last time we heard from him.

I found that bat boy was recently on American Idol and he has signed a recording contract.

The next daily create was to add myself to the cast of a classic TV show.  I chose the show Family Matters, a show that I used to watch all the time and still do now whenever it comes on TV.

I think I blend in perfectly with the cast.

Dunkin’ Donuts has decided to drop the word “Donuts” from their company moniker and wants to be known as just “Dunkin”. We aren’t exactly sure what else they will serve/market. For the final daily create, we were to specify the new frontiers that Dunkin’ wanted to expand to.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Dunkin’ will expand their frontiers to ducks. It even has a nice ring to it, Dunkin’ Ducks!

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