Final Project Progress Report

For my final project, I decided to tell a story about how my character Deidra spent her holidays. I decided to name the story Deidra’s Holiday Shabockle. The story will be about how Deidra spends thanksgiving with a friend from school after not being able to make it home to her family. During the holidays she gets to learn more about her friend and vice versus.

To tell the story, I think I’m going to introduce the beginning using a video with index cards similar to the video “This is Deidra” that I made a few weeks ago. I would also like to include pictures similar to the my snap per step creation and maybe even a GIF story similar to my Guess My GIF story. To add a few more elements and  incorporate what I’ve learned to do this semester, I would also like to use audio and try to bring the story together into a video. I’ve created the story line for this story and I’m looking forward to putting it all together and viewing the final project.

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  1. The index cards could be a way to bring in design elements as well. If it makes sense for your story, they could be formatted like title cards from the old silent movies. Just a thought.

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