Walking with Me

Have you ever thought about the route you travel daily to get to certain locations? Do you usually take the same route each day? Do you take in the different sights around you? I never really put much thought into the route I travel when going to class nor do I take the time to notice everything going on around me. On an average day I usually put my earphones in, listen to music, and begin my walk to class, using a simple route that gets me to class in a decent amount of time.

Today while on my way to class, I recorded a video of myself walking and tried to capture the different things I usually see while walking. Check it out.

I got the idea to film myself walking from the video assignment bank. Here’s a description of the task.


The minimum time required for the video was 8 seconds. If I were to record an 8 second clip, that would only be enough time to cross the street or even wait at the stop light while watching cars go by. With the use of Snapchat, I was able to record different aspects of my walk from leaving the parking lot and making it to my classroom. I was able to capture walking up the hill past the apartments, walking down college Ave., walking through campus, and walking through the building to get to my class. I also saw President Paino waiting at the stoplight but I wasn’t able to record that fast enough.

Using snapchat was a helpful tool because instead of having to record the whole 15-minute walk, I was able to record snippets and save them to the app. While doing that I was also able to focus a little more on where I was going instead of looking at my phone the whole time. While using this app, I was also able to add filters and banners to the video. When I had all of the clips that I wanted, I was able to create a video story. Snapchat makes it very simple for you. All you have to do is click on the videos that you saved to your memories and then click the button that represents “story creator”. Once my story was ready, I was able to save the video to my photo library in my phone and from there I was able to upload it on YouTube.

I thought this was a simple yet fun task and would consider doing another video going through one of my daily routines.

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