The Moving Truck

For this assignment, we were tasked with making an object move using vine. Instead of using vine, I used snapchat because vine isn’t really a thing anymore. The object that I chose to make move was a toy truck. I recorded small snippets of videos and put them together to make it appear as though the truck was moving. While recording, I made sure to use props so others could see that the truck moved from point a to point b. I used the bedside table to mark the starting point. I used another toy car to mark the midway point, and then I used a toy dinosaur to mark the endpoint. I tried to record a piece of the video making sure I got the truck approaching the object, getting next to the object, and passing the object. This assignment wasn’t hard and putting the different videos together to form one video wasn’t too hard either. I used the story feature on snapchat to create one story and then I used iMovie to tie it all together. Through iMovie, I was able to insert background music, a tittle page, and a credits page. iMovie’s features helped to create smooth transitions form one screen to the next screen.

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