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This week I took on the 10-Step photo challenge while walking to class. For this challenge, I took 10 steps and each time I took a step, I snapped a picture in different directions at different angles. Although this challenge was fairly simple, there were a few challenges that came along with it. One of the challenges was trying to find a different focus or view point each time I took a step. I wanted my pictures to capture different views of things around the building so while taking the picture there were times where I had to crotch down low or turn my body somehow to get a different view. While doing this challenge I also had to make sure that I wasn’t in other people’s way. To ensure this, I waited until most areas were clear.

As I’ve stated before in a previous post (mentioned down below), all of my classes take place in Trinkle Hall so my pictures capture some of the things I see every day while I’m in the building.

In this photo collage you will see the main foyer area of the building that you enter when you walk into the building from the main door. You will also see a photo of the main hallway that I walk through. Some days I walk through that hall and I’m cheerful and happy but there are also times that I walk through the hall feeling gloomy thinking about all the assignments that I have to do in such a short period of time. In that hallway is also the information board and the Trinkle Library where I spend a lot of my time working on homework or waiting for other classes to start.

To complete this assignment, I used the camera on my phone to take the pictures. I then used the edit option in photos to change/enhance the color in some of the photos. I used a Layout app that allowed me to create photo collages. The app only allows you to upload 9 photos to a collage. To make sure I used all 10 of my photos, I created a small collage with 3 of the photos. After saving that collage as a photo, I was able to use it as one of my pictures and then I was able to include the other 7. Once the photos were displayed in the layout, I was able to pick a design layout, format the pictures the way I wanted, and crop the pictures where needed. Overall this challenge didn’t take much time to complete. The thing that took the most time was getting the pictures but once I had that, creating the collage took about 5-10 minutes.

Below is a link to the original assignment.

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