Mashing Friends and Emojis Tutorial

Instructions for how to do the mashing friends and emojis assignment similar to mine below

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Emoji Mashup #ds106

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Step 1: Find some friends who are willing to model/pose for you

Step 2: View the different emojis and select one to copy (you can select the emoji or your friend can select the emoji)

Step 3: After choosing the emoji, find a picture of that emoji online or take a picture of the emoji (I chose to take a blank picture on snapchat and insert the emoji as a sticker)

Step 4: The friend will now copy what the emoji is doing to the best of their ability. Take a picture of friend posing (you may want to take a few pictures and compare them to make sure the emoji and the model look similar)

Step 5: Using a photo collage app, upload the two photos next to each other to compare them. They can be side by side or one on top of the other. (I chose to use the app Layout app)

Step 6: Save your mash up creation and upload it for others to see


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