Everyday Super Powers

If my character Deidra could have any superpower in the world, it would be to read people’s minds.  She believes that if she were able to read people’s minds, she would be able to know how they truly feel about her and know when they are being genuine and when they’re being fake. Growing up Deidra struggled with opening up to others because she didn’t know if their intentions were good or not. At times she would be able to sense when someone was lying to her or hiding something. If she were able to read their minds, she would be able to automatically know how others felt without her assuming things.

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Superpower Mashup #mindreader #ds106

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For this assignment we were to mash up at least 2 photos showing a superpower that we wished we had. I chose the power to people’s minds. I found a picture of a superhero girl reading someone’s mind and mashed it with a photo of people sitting around talking. To do this, I used the app Photoshop mix and brought the photos together. I then cut the background and adjusted the photo to blend with the main photo. Using the app to mash the photos was a little difficult at first but as I played around with it and looked at the tutorials I began to understand how use some of the features. It’s still a work in progress.

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