Emoji and Friends Mashup

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Emoji Mashup #ds106

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For this assignment, we were to mash a photo of an emoji together with a photo of a friend imitating the emoji. I figured it would be fun to have multiple friends to try to help me. After finding a few friends who were willing to be my model imitators, I allowed them to each select an emoji that they wanted to imitate. After choosing their emoji, they each tried to copy the emoji to the best of their ability. When they were ready, I took a picture of them posing. For a few them, we ended up taking a few pictures to try to math it up to what the emoji was doing. Once I had my pictures of my friends, I went back and got pictures of the emojis. To do this, I took a black photo on snapchat and inserted the emoji as a sticker. When I was finished with that, I brought the pictures together using the layout app that I have on my phone. I was able to insert the two pictures together to create a comparison. I chose to create two photos where the two pictures were side by side and two pictures that were stacked on top of each other. After formatting the pictures, I saved them to my camera roll and edited the colors of each photo. I’m happy with the results that I got and had fun working with a few of my friends to complete this assignment.


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