Deidra’s Very Own Logo

Using the website provided,, I was able to create a cool logo for my character Deidra the Determinator. The website allows you to create your own custom logos or you can use one of the ones that they provided and customize that. I chose to customize my own after playing around on the website. For my font, I used their “cool fancy text generator” chose to do one that I haven’t used before. This font is different and it includes different markings through its letters. After choosing the font, I copied it and I chose a logo to customize. From there, I was able to change the line space, letter spacing, and font size. When I was finished with that, I proceeded to the logo section where I was able to customize the stroke color, stroke width, background color, and text color. I was able to create a shadow with my logo my manipulating the different functions under the shadow category. Before I finished the logo, I chose a background that I felt would blend nicely with my logo.

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