What’s in Deidra’s Bag of Goods?

Today Deidra is carrying her go to book bag which holds most of her essential goods.

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What’s in my bag of goods today? 🤔 #ds106

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Today’s essential goods include:

Laptop – To work on a few assignments.

Earphones – Used to listen to videos or music. Deidra also uses them as a way to ignore people, she puts them in and acts as though she can’t hear anything.

iPad mini – To watch Netflix while working on homework.

Umbrella – Just in case it rains.

Keys attached to wallet – Keys needed for her car and house. Wallet is essential because it stores id and debit card.

Snacks – When Deidra doesn’t eat anything, she gets very hangry and can turn into a beast. The snacks help to keep her calm and tie her over until she can get a meal.

Planner – A way for Deidra to stay organized. She doesn’t use it often but she’s determined to use it this year to help her stay on task.

Notebook – Used to take notes but towards the further back is where Deidra lets her creative juices flow and comes up with different ideas and creations.

Lotion – Deidra likes to stay moisturized.

Hand Sanitizer – Got to wipe those germs away.

Chap stick – Helps prevent chapped lips.

Calculator – Helps Deidra calculate how high she may have to build a catapult to launch something 10 feet away.

Tissue – Cleans the boogers and helps when she gets a few nose bleeds.

Pencil/Pen – Deidra likes to practice her chopstick skills when she gets bored in class, they’re also great tools to use to write down a few notes.

Mints – She likes to give these to people she sits next to in class to help them freshen their breath.

Medicine – Never know when you’re going to have a headache so Deidra likes to keep a few painkillers in her bag.

Charger – After being on her phone looking at Pinterest for a whole class period, Deidra needs a charger to juice up her phone so that she can browse through Instagram in her next class.

Water Bottle – Hydrate or Diedrate am I right?

Jacket – Deidra gets cold while taking naps in some buildings so she comes prepared with her jacket.

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