A Craigslist Special

For this assignment, we had to take a website that has already been published and assert our own story in that website.

I chose to use an ad from Craigslist.com. The original ad offered childcare services.





I chose¬† remixed this ad to offer services for organizing and de-cluttering someone’s home.









To do this, I used the suggested website tool  Mozilla X-Ray Goggles tool. Before remixing the website, I installed Mozilla X-Ray Goggles tool and went through their tutorial. The tutorial helped me to become familiar with the program and showed me how to change the text.

When it was time for me remix the website on my own, I found that it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I went through each section and modified the text the way that I wanted. I was able to change just about everything except for the original picture on the screen and the original map.


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