Week 4’s Review

I enjoyed the assignments that we did this week for picture the myth. The assignments for this week included reading about becoming a better photographer and what is involved with telling a story using photography. After reading those articles, I wrote up a reflection about the methods I usually use when taking photos. I take photos very often, but most of them are of random things to show my friends what I’m doing during a given period of time. When I do take pictures that I want to keep or share with others besides my friends, I generally focus on lighting and angles that I want to capture in my pictures. The article showed me other things that I could focus on to create a picture that is great. For example, being picky about what I choose to create is perfectly fine.


For the next assignment, I did the “What’s in Your Bag” assignment. For this one, I used some of the items that I had in my book bag. I displayed them on the table and took a picture of them. Then I wrote about each item from Deidra’s perspective and how she uses them. I displayed the picture that I used for this assignment on Instagram.


Following this, I continued working on a few other visual assignments for this week. The first one that I did was “Selfie with my pet”. This was a simple enjoyable task that involved taking a picture with my pet fish. Along with the picture, I created a post introduced my fish and discussed some of the things I like to do with him.


The next activity that that I did was “We’re the real life Brady Bunch”. For this assignment, I took a picture of each of my roommates, our fish, and our landlord. Once I had the pictures that I needed I used snapchat to edit some of the pictures with captions. I then used photo layout app to create a photo collage. From there I selected the pictures that I wanted to use and formatted them. Once finished, I uploaded my photo to flickr. The people I chose for my photo were the people that I live with while in college. Each of us have different personalities. From time to time we have different viewpoints and may bump heads but overall we enjoy each other and view ourselves as family.


For my last visual assignment, I did “It’s a bird, It’s a plane”. This assignment was very simple for me and I was able to do this without trying. While on gathering my belongings together, I accidentally snapped a picture on Instagram that was blurry. The object in the photo is a picture of a lamp that was on the table in Trinkle Hall. I chose to share this picture with my followers on Instagram and on my blog. I’m interested in seeing if other people can guess what it’s a picture of.


I enjoyed doing my daily creates this week as usual. The first one I did was a message to an old friend. I chose to do my friend Sabrina who I haven’t seen since my family moved to Virginia over 10 years ago. It would be pretty cool if by chance she was able to stumble across this tweet.

For the second daily create I found a meme/gif that demonstrated what it was like sharing your emotions before having the internet.

For the last daily create, I put words between buns. The words I chose to use were “It’s Friday! Yayy”.

The last activity for this week was photoblitzer 18:54. For this assignment, I spent 20 minutes capturing photos of the items listed on the screen. Once I captured my photos, I enhanced some of the photos by changing the colors. This assignment was new and a little challenging because I didn’t know how or where to post the photos. I decided to upload my picture to my Instagram account for my peers to view them. After wards I uploaded them onto my blogsite.


This weeks review

I found this week’s class assignments to be a little easier than last week’s bootcamp week. Now that I’ve familiarized myself with some of the different apps that we use for this class and have played around with my blog, some of my tasks are less time consuming because now I know what I’m doing.

This week, I worked on 3 different daily creates. The daily creates were refreshing and gave me the chance to take a break from my other assignments that were more challenging and focus on a task that was less stressful.

Here is my first daily create

For the first one, I tweeted about a group of kids and their adventures on an old train. Before creating a story to go along with the picture, I read about the Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and Occidental Railway. After reading a little about the railway, I pictured the train being in an abandoned area and children wanting to explore it. As I thought of a story to go along with the picture I began writing and of course I went over the word count. I had to think about how I could minimize my word count enough to reach the limit but keep the overall story. I had to change a few words and shorten a few sentences. I didn’t state what the mysterious noise was because I wanted the reader to use their imagination and think about what it could have been.

Here’s my 2nd daily create

For my second daily create, I attempted to create a shadow image using a folded piece of paper. At first, I thought that it would be simple to create a paper shadow but as I began working on it, I came across a few challenges. The first challenge was thinking of a way to fold or crumble a sheet a paper that would create a decent shadow. Once I came up with a “design” for the paper, the next challenge I was faced with was lighting. At first, I tried to use the sunlight that was shining in the room along with the lamp but there was no wall space to capture the shadow. Next I tried to use another lamp in the room but it didn’t cast the shadow that I wanted. Once I found a wall space that was good enough to capture my shadow, I had to find a way to angle my hand with the paper and the camera. Eventually, I was able to capture a decent shadow art. Originally, it was supposed appear as a bird but now I think it looks like a cross between a bird and a boat.

Check out my third daily create

This “Strange Knocking”daily create was my favorite.  This particular task gave me the opportunity to create a random beat and obnoxiously knock on a door.  I think it’s a great way to let out some energy and frustration. To create the knocking sound, I used a door in my house, thought of an abnormal way to knock on one’s door, and gave it a try. The first time I did it, I used it as a test round. The second time I tried the knock, I recorded it using the voice memos app on my phone. From there, I downloaded the sound file to my laptop and uploaded it to my soundcloud account (I haven’t quite figured out how to upload straight to soundcloud from my phone). After uploading the audio to my soundcloud account, I was able to share the audio to twitter without leaving the website. Overall this task was simple. A few knuckles were hurt in the process but that’s ok.

Along with the daily creates, I also worked on three other assignments from the assignment bank. For this week, I chose to do an audio, video, and visual assignment. Each assignment was different but simple enough to complete for the first time attempting them.

For the audio assignment, I chose to do humming away. The object of this assignment is to hum a tune that has been stuck in your head and see if others can guess the name of said tune. I chose to hum the song “Daddy Shark” which has been stuck in my head multiple times this week. It’s a catchy little tune but can get annoying if you have to listen to it over and over again. To record myself humming, I used the voice memos app on my phone. After recording myself, I uploaded the recording on soundcloud. I also shared the soundcloud file on twitter to give others an opportunity to guess the tune.

Here’s a link to my audio assignment,  Guess that Tune:


For the video assignment, I did What do you do. The object of this one was to record yourself doing a daily activity. The video needed to be at least 8 seconds long. I chose to record myself walking to class. Instead of recording for 8 seconds or even recording the whole walk, I chose to record snippets of my walk to class. This included the beginning of the walk from the parking lot, walking on college avenue, walking through campus, and walking through the building. To record my walk, I used the snapchat app. Using this app allowed me to add comments and filters within the video. It also allowed me to take the short videos that I made and create a larger video. Once the video was formatted, I saved it to my camera roll and uploaded it to YouTube. I didn’t modify the video but I explored the editing options that YouTube had. Although I didn’t use them this time for the assignment, I plan to use it for a future assignment.

Here’s a link to my video assignment, Walking with Me:


For my visual assignment, I did the 10-step assignment. I titled mine Snap per Step. For this assignment we were supposed to take a picture of the area around us each time we took a step. While taking the picture, we had to try to find different angles to capture the picture. This was an interesting assignment for me. At first I tried it outside while everyone was trying to get to class. I was able to do it but I felt as though each picture I took looked similar to the others. I then tried it again but this time inside of Trinkle Hall. While in the building, I felt as though I was able to capture more than when I was outside. For some pictures I took them from floor level angles while others I took holding the camera above my head. When I had all the photos that I needed, I enhanced a few of them by changing the color filters. Next I used a layout app that arranges the photos into collages. I had to play around with some of the pictures to make sure they were in a frame that displayed the photo the way I wanted it. When fished, I shared my 10-step photo collage on my Instagram account.

Here’s a link to my visual assignment, Snap for Step:


I tagged each of the assignments with the appropriate tags but when I tried find them in the assignment bank, I didn’t see it so I’m hoping I did it correctly.

The most challenging assignment that I had this week was creating  my own assignment for the audio category. At first I was slightly overwhelmed because I don’t know much about audio. After browsing through previous assignment submissions, I was able to create my own. It’s similar to one that I saw online titled Sounds of Your City. I’m interested in seeing how this assignment turns out.

Overall the assignments for this week were simple and didn’t demand too much.

Guess That Tune

Have you ever randomly had a song or tune stuck in your head. Sometimes not even the whole song but a snippet of the song and it keeps replaying in your mind over and over again. This has happened to me on numerous occasions and at very random moments. The other day, I was sitting in class and this particular song popped in my head and I couldn’t get it out. I think what made it worst was while I should have been focused on taking notes for my math class, I was thinking about the video that went along with this song. Fortunately, I was able to keep the song in my head instead of humming or singing aloud in class. I can only imagine what others around me would have thought had they heard me humming the tune. I am curious if they would have been able to guess the song though. Here’s an audio recording of me humming the tune the other night.

Do you think you can guess that tune that was stuck in my head? I would be surprised if you could. It’s one that most toddlers may know and adults who are around children may know. The song has been stuck in my head so much that earlier this week I was in target with a few of my roommates. While taking a look at the dollar section, I started singing it and they joined in. It captured the attention of a few of the adults who had children with them. One of them said they were just listening to it in the car and another said that her daughter was singing it before she dropped her off with the grandmother. The song is catchy and at times could be annoying if you have to listen to it over and over. To get it out of my head I had listen to the full song and watch the video. For now, the song is out of my head but I’m sure that within no time there will be another tune that gets stuck in there.

Here is the link back to the original assignment.



Snap per Step

This week I took on the 10-Step photo challenge while walking to class. For this challenge, I took 10 steps and each time I took a step, I snapped a picture in different directions at different angles. Although this challenge was fairly simple, there were a few challenges that came along with it. One of the challenges was trying to find a different focus or view point each time I took a step. I wanted my pictures to capture different views of things around the building so while taking the picture there were times where I had to crotch down low or turn my body somehow to get a different view. While doing this challenge I also had to make sure that I wasn’t in other people’s way. To ensure this, I waited until most areas were clear.

As I’ve stated before in a previous post (mentioned down below), all of my classes take place in Trinkle Hall so my pictures capture some of the things I see every day while I’m in the building.

In this photo collage you will see the main foyer area of the building that you enter when you walk into the building from the main door. You will also see a photo of the main hallway that I walk through. Some days I walk through that hall and I’m cheerful and happy but there are also times that I walk through the hall feeling gloomy thinking about all the assignments that I have to do in such a short period of time. In that hallway is also the information board and the Trinkle Library where I spend a lot of my time working on homework or waiting for other classes to start.

To complete this assignment, I used the camera on my phone to take the pictures. I then used the edit option in photos to change/enhance the color in some of the photos. I used a Layout app that allowed me to create photo collages. The app only allows you to upload 9 photos to a collage. To make sure I used all 10 of my photos, I created a small collage with 3 of the photos. After saving that collage as a photo, I was able to use it as one of my pictures and then I was able to include the other 7. Once the photos were displayed in the layout, I was able to pick a design layout, format the pictures the way I wanted, and crop the pictures where needed. Overall this challenge didn’t take much time to complete. The thing that took the most time was getting the pictures but once I had that, creating the collage took about 5-10 minutes.

Below is a link to the original assignment.