Final Project Progress Report

For my final project, I decided to tell a story about how my character Deidra spent her holidays. I decided to name the story Deidra’s Holiday Shabockle. The story will be about how Deidra spends thanksgiving with a friend from school after not being able to make it home to her family. During the holidays she gets to learn more about her friend and vice versus.

To tell the story, I think I’m going to introduce the beginning using a video with index cards similar to the video “This is Deidra” that I made a few weeks ago. I would also like to include pictures similar to the my snap per step creation and maybe even a GIF story similar to my Guess My GIF story. To add a few more elements and  incorporate what I’ve learned to do this semester, I would also like to use audio and try to bring the story together into a video. I’ve created the story line for this story and I’m looking forward to putting it all together and viewing the final project.

This week with Mashup/Remix

This week we took a look at mashups and remixes. I thought this would be a challenging area to work with but it actually wasn’t as bad. To begin with my assignments for this week, I did 3 mashup assignments and 2 remix assignments.

For the first 3 mash up assignments, I chose to do Holiday Mashup, Mashing friends with emojis, and Superhuman in everyday life.

To complete the assignment, Holiday Mashup, we were to use a photo editing software to mash up our top 3 holiday celebrations. I chose to mash up 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. To do this, I used a picture of a Christmas tree, a turkey, and fireworks. I then brought the photos together using the Photoshop mix app. Once I inserted the pictures, I edited a few of them so that the fireworks would blend behind the Christmas tree. I then added a background color to tie all of the images together.

Favorite Holiday Mashup

I chose to use my character Deidra as inspiration in creating this assignment. Her story behind this assignment could be found here at this link below.

For the Mashing Friends with Emojis, we were to mash a photo of an emoji together with a photo of a friend imitating the emoji. I figured it would be fun to have multiple friends to try to help me. After finding a few friends who were willing to be my model imitators, I allowed them to each select an emoji that they wanted to imitate. After choosing their emoji, they each tried to copy the emoji to the best of their ability. When they were ready, I took a picture of them posing. For a few them, we ended up taking a few pictures to try to math it up to what the emoji was doing. Once I had my pictures of my friends, I went back and got pictures of the emojis. To do this, I took a black photo on snapchat and inserted the emoji as a sticker. When I was finished with that, I brought the pictures together using the layout app that I have on my phone. I was able to insert the two pictures together to create a comparison. I chose to create two photos where the two pictures were side by side and two pictures that were stacked on top of each other. After formatting the pictures, I saved them to my camera roll and edited the colors of each photo. I’m happy with the results that I got and had fun working with a few of my friends to complete this assignment.

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Because I enjoyed working on this assignment, I chose to create a step by step tutorial to assist others who choose to do this assignment. I even included a sample of my work in this tutorial.

For Superhuman in everyday life, we were to mash up at least 2 photos showing a superpower that we wished we had. I chose the power to people’s minds. I found a picture of a superhero girl reading someone’s mind and mashed it with a photo of people sitting around talking. To do this, I used the app Photoshop mix and brought the photos together. I then cut the background and adjusted the photo to blend with the main photo. Using the app to mash the photos was a little difficult at first but as I played around with it and looked at the tutorials I began to understand how use some of the features. It’s still a work in progress.

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Superpower Mashup #mindreader #ds106

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After completing the mashup assignments, I began looking at remixing assignments. When I first started, I thought that remixing an assignment meant that we would have to recreate an assignment on our own. I was happy to see that after pressing the remix button there was a remix suggestion ready for me and if it didn’t work with the assignment that I had then I could refresh the page for a new one. I chose to remix two assignments that I’ve done in the past. Those assignments were It’s a bird, it’s a plane and your room. The remixed assignments are now called It’s a bird, it’s a plane [remixed]: Pretty In Pink and Your Room [remixed]: The Opposer.

For It’s a bird, it’s a plane, we were supposed to try to capture a blurry picture of an object. For the remixed assignment, we were supposed to take the original assignment and turn it pink. I chose to do this by finding a pink object and attempting to take a Blurry photo. To blur the photo, I moved my phone back and forth repeatedly and then pressed the button to capture the picture. I had to do this a few times to get the photo right. The first few times it was completely blurry. I tried to do it again but then I ended up taking a photo that missed the objects that I was focusing on. I finally got the blurred object on the last picture.

For the assignment your room, we were supposed to capture a quick boomerang video of our bedrooms. To do the remixed assignment, we were supposed to do the opposite of what the original assignment said to do. Instead of doing a boomerang of my bed room, I did the opposite and took a video tour of my bathroom. I chose to do this because when I tried to think of something opposite of my bedroom, the first thing that I thought about was the bathroom. A boomerang is a short quick video that could be use to capture a shot of my room. To do the opposite of that, I took a video showing everything in my bathroom which was longer than two seconds.

To complete my assignments this week, I created two daily creates.

For the first daily create, I tried to bring warmth to the winter. To do this I thought about things that usually keep me warm and toasty when I’m cold and the first thing that came to mind was one of my favorite warm blankets and a pair of cozy socks. I then searched for an image to go with my idea since I wasn’t home to capture myself curled up in my cozy socks and warm blanket.

For the second daily create, we had to capture a New Yorker cartoon of a man wearing a bunny suit. Many ideas for what to capture the picture ran through my mind but the one that chose to go with was the one about be surprised that someone actually went through and completed a bet.

To insert the caption on the provided picture, I chose to use the app Photoshop mix so that I could get some practice with using this app.

This Week With More Videos

This week we continued working with videos and using them to tell stories.

to begin this week, I created three daily creates.

For the first daily create, I created a reminder for daylights savings time. To create this daily create I used a GIF image of a Dalmatian dog setting the clock back. I chose this GIF because it reminded me of the movie 101 Dalmatians which was one of my favorite movies when I was younger.

For my second daily create, I retold a distant memory from when I was younger. The memory was about a dog that I used to have. We had our pet dog for a little while and I remember that my younger brother and I went out of town and when we returned the dog wasn’t there anymore. When we asked where she was, our parents told us that she got out of the gate and ran away. We believed that story for a while but as I got older, I started to put together the pieces and remembered that we never left her outside by herself and we always kept the gate closed. When I was older I questioned my parents about our dog again and they admitted that they gave her away to another family.

For my third daily create, I shared a song from my childhood. The song that I chose was Crank That (Soulja Boy) by Soulja Boy. This song came out when I was in middle school. I remember when it came out, everyone tried to learn the dance and when the song would come on we would all do the dance that went with the song, or at least we tried to. Listening to the song brings back memories and from time to time when I hear it playing, I try to do the dance again.

To continue this week, I also created a few video assignments. These assignments included a word… a picture… a story, stop motion, moving object, and this is my story.

The first assignment, a word…a picture…a story,  was one of my favorites. To complete it, we were supposed to come up with 5-10 words and then do a Google image search on the words we selected. When doing the image search, we were to choose the image of one of the first visible photos for the word. I chose to use words that described Deidra. After choosing the words, I began looking for images and screenshot the ones that I liked. Once I gathered the images, I put them in the order that I wanted them to go in and I imported them into iMovie to create the word video. Once I formatted the video the way I wanted to, I added a song form my playlist and added it to the background. This assignment was simple but enjoyable.


The assignment Stop Motion, was similar to the moving object assignment that I completed. To complete this assignment, we were supposed to create a 2-5 minute stop motion video. I tried to be creative and decided to make a train go around the grain track. Before I could actually start recording, I had to assemble the toy train track. Once I did that, I tried to think of the best way to create a stop motion video while making sure that it flows and isn’t too chopy. I chose to use snapchat to aide me with this video. I started with the train in one position and tried to record a play by play of the train moving each step. While recording, I found it hard to keep the camera at one angle so I tried to capture this video from multiple angles. For this to be my first time, I think it was pretty good but if I were to do it again I would try to move the train in smaller transitions and using smaller objects to mark where the train started and when it passed the object. I used iMovie to add background music and edit the video.

For the assignment, moving object, we were tasked with making an object move using vine. Instead of using vine, I used snapchat because vine isn’t really a thing anymore. The object that I chose to make move was a toy truck. I recorded small snippets of videos and put them together to make it appear as though the truck was moving. While recording, I made sure to use props so others could see that the truck moved from point a to point b. I used the bedside table to mark the starting point. I used another toy car to mark the midway point, and then I used a toy dinosaur to mark the endpoint. I tried to record a piece of the video making sure I got the truck approaching the object, getting next to the object, and passing the object. This assignment wasn’t hard and putting the different videos together to form one video wasn’t too hard either. I used the story feature on snapchat to create one story and then I used iMovie to tie it all together. Through iMovie, I was able to insert background music, a tittle page, and a credits page. iMovie’s features helped to create smooth transitions form one screen to the next screen.

To complete the assignment, this is my story, I created a story and and told it from my character’s point of view. I chose to do a story about Deidra attempting to jump onto her trampoline from her balcony on the second floor. I chose to do this story because Deidra is the type of person who sets a goal and tries to complete that goal no matter how big, small, or in this case, risky it may be. Once I created the story, I began to transcribe it on index cards for the video. Creating the story and writing it on index cards was the easy part. For me, the challenging part was recording the video and making sure the viewers would be able to read the index cards. I found this part challenging because I couldn’t get the lighting right. When the lighting was dim, it was easier to read the index cards on the screen but everything else was also dim. When the light was bright, everything in the background was lit and looked nice but when I would hold the cards up to the screen it was harder to see what I wrote due to the glare. Eventually, I found a good position to hold the index cards so that viewers could read it. After completing the video, I realized I probably should have used a darker marker so that it would be easier to read and glare wouldn’t be much of a problem. Now I know what to do for next time. Overall, I think story was different, a little comical, and described the daredevils side of Deidra. To record the video, I used my laptop. While recording, I had soft music playing in the background. I added an intro screen and closing screen with the help of iMovie. I was also able to edit the video and change the color through iMovie.

Working with Video this week was great and it gave me a better insight on how to tell stories in creative ways using video.

This Week with Reading Movies

This week, we explored Reading movies in which we looked more closely at how a scene was created.  To get an understanding of the different techniques that directors use when producing movies, we read about Roger Ebert and watched a few video clips that focused on this area.

To conclude this activity, we chose a film of our own and did a voice over using a clip from the movie where we discussed the different techniques that we noticed being used.


This week, we also had to create two daily creates. For my daily creates I chose to create a modern generic product and the area man news.

For the modern generic product, I chose to do a generic laptop. It’s hard to imagine what life would be like without the technology we have today but if the had laptops a few decades ago, I’m sure someone would purchase a generic “mobile laptop”. The question is what would they do with it? Would they use it the same way that we use it today? Probably not.

For my daily create, the area man news, I quoted the picture with what I thought the man was thinking about today. Based on the picture, one of the first thing that I noticed was his hair so I figured maybe he’s thinking about cutting his hair but doesn’t know if he should cut it before or after he does a video blog.

Along with the two daily creates, we also had to do video assignments with a total of at least 12 stars. I chose to do the assignments, Range of Emotions, It’s a Girl, Where do your shoes take you, Recording Memory, and Your room.

For the assignment Range of emotions, I created a video showing my range of emotions. This video captures some of the feelings and facial expressions that I had today. As I went throughout my day, I experienced happiness, excitement, sadness. there were times where I was annoyed and angry but as the day continued, I was happy again. In the video, I also added a few other random facial expressions like where I was surprised.

This assignment , I’m a Girl, didn’t have any instructions so I decided to record what I saw while at the mall. Since this video didn’t have any instructions, it was pretty simple to complete. In the video, I was at Belks walking through the make-up and perfume section which are some of the things that I like to look at from time to time.

For the assignment Where do your shoes take you, I tried to record myself walking thought my day. It wasn’t as easy as i thought bit would be initially because there were many times that I forgot to record my steps. However, I managed to record myself walking somewhere different for the most part of my day. The video starts with me preparing to leave my house this morning and walking to my car. As the video continues, you will see my shoes taking me through the halls of the school where I do practicum, walking through the parking lot, walking through campus, and walking through Trinkle Hall.

For the assignment Recording Memory, I captured a video of two of my friends retelling a memory that they remembered. My friends were willing to retell their memories for me which made creating the video a lot easier. My first friend tells the story of her and a few others falling down the an icy path and almost falling over a cliff. My other friend Jake retold the story of him chipping a piece of his femur while sitting in a chair when he was younger.

For the final assignment, Your Room, I took a boomerang picture of my bedroom using the Instagram app. This assignment was super simple and took no time at all.

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The assignments this week were not too difficult to do. I was able to create the videos using my camera or the app snapchat. After I had the videos that I wanted, I was able to iMovie to add background music/sound and add voice overs. The only trouble that I had this week was uploading my video essay due to copyright issues. I’ve included a link on my blog for the video but I’m not 100% sure others can view it due to the copyright issues. Other than that minor setback, everything else was less challenging to complete.

This Week with Broadcasting and Web Storytelling

For our assignments this week, we took a look at story telling in a different way. This week we told stories through the web. At first I thought this would be very challenging but I found that it wasn’t challenging at all.

To begin this week, I worked on three wed assignments from the assignments bank. The assignments were Create your own room, Create Your Dream Vacation on Pinterest! and Guess the Story.

For Create your own room, I used Pinterest to come up with ideas and design my future master bedroom. This was a simple task for me because I was already familiar with Pinterest and I had a board that was already created to pin ideas that I like for my future home. With this assignment, I was able to expand on what I had already gathered and look more at the details of the things that I was choosing.

For the second assignment, I used Pinterest to create a board for my dream vacation. This was a board that I had not created before so it was interesting seeing what travel ideas Pinterest had to offer. Along with looking at destinations that I wanted to travel to, I also looked into what those travel destinations had to offer. While working on this assignment, I found that I had a lot of pins geared towards Disney World and realized that it would be great to vacation there in the near future while I continue working on ideas for my dream vacation. This assignment didn’t give me any trouble at all. Instead, it led me to a few links that had great ideas for how to save up for a dream vacation.

For the third assignment for this week, I chose to do Guess the story. For this assignment, I compiled a bunch of GIFs from to tell the story of a popular fairy tell. This assignment was enjoyable and somewhat simple. While trying to tell the story while using the GIFs I wanted to use some that told the story without actually telling you what story was. Some parts were easier than others.

This week, we had to take a website that has already been published and assert our own story in that website. I chose to use an ad from The original ad offered childcare services. I chose  remixed this ad to offer services for organizing and de-cluttering someone’s home. To do this, I used the suggested website tool  Mozilla X-Ray Goggles tool. Before remixing the website, I installed Mozilla X-Ray Goggles tool and went through their tutorial. The tutorial helped me to become familiar with the program and showed me how to change the text. When it was time for me remix the website on my own, I found that it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I went through each section and modified the text the way that I wanted. I was able to change just about everything except for the original picture on the screen and the original map.


A Craigslist Special

For a final activity this week, we were to create at least 3 daily creates. However, this week instead of just posting the daily creates, we had to also create a story that tied them all together.

Here is the story that I created.

Second Week with the Return of the Radio Station

This week, our main focus was completing our radio show project. Along with that, we only had to complete two daily creates. I was happy and relieved that we didn’t have to complete any other assignments from the assignment bank. This gave me the chance to fully focus on my group’s radio project and allowed me to complete everything to the best of my abilities without the stress of trying to turn in other assignments.

This week my group was able to meet up together on Wednesday and discuss our view points as well as the backgrounds of our characters. We decided on the main topic and have been putting together a script that includes our characters, placement of ads, and placements of bumpers. I believe that meeting with my group helped me to get a better understanding of where everyone was coming from. It also allowed me to envision how all of our ideas would come together to form one concise radio show. Everyone has contributed in some way or form. A majority of us have decided to each create a bumper and a commercial to add to our show.

In creating a commercial, I used audio tagline assignment from last week  and created an intro and a closing. I also added background music, using GarageBand, to make it sound more like a commercial which can be heard here. I also suggested/gave permission for my group to use the theme song that I created  as part as sound for our show. For the bumper, I decided to use one of the bumpers that I’ve already created.

One of my group members has a lot more experience with putting together and editing audio so we decided to let him be in charge of bringing all of contributions together to create the final product. In an effort to help him with that, we had agreed to finish working on the script by Wednesday evening/early Thursday so that we can each record our voice parts and send them to him by Thursday evening. We didn’t necessarily meet the exact deadlines that we had originally established but by Thursday night, just about everyone had completed and uploaded their portion. We decided that the best way for us to make sure Drake received our audios was to upload them to sound cloud. We also made sure that the audio was downloadable do that he could easily have access to it.

Considering our meeting we had on Wednesday and looking at what each member has contributed I was confident that our radio show would come out better than expected. Here is the completed project below.

For the first daily create, we were given a picture titled Weird War One and we had to explain what the two guys in the picture were wearing and/or looking at.

I decided that they were wearing old school Mickey Mouse ears because the hat with their horns resembles Mickey Mouse. When looking at the picture, I also thought about the movie Inspector Gadget. The jacket that guy on the left is wearing reminds me of one that was worn in that movie.  I concluded my tweet by saying that they were watching geese cross the street because although it may not seem as interesting to watch, it is sometimes hard not to look at them take their time getting across the street while making bystanders wait until they have cleared the road.

For the second daily create, I posted an image representing the potential of things to come in the future.


I chose to use an image of a teacher sitting at a table with young students. Within the next two years, I will have obtained my bachelor’s degree in math as well as my master’s degree in education. After accomplishing that, I will officially have my own classroom at an elementary school and thus reaching one of my top goals.

All in all, I would say that this was a great week with assignments!



First Week with the Return of the Radio Station

This week, my group has been brainstorming ideas for our upcoming radio show. While getting started, we had a late start. With this being midterms week, most of my group, including me, has been preoccupied with studying for other classes. By Thursday, we were all able to communicate with each other via slack where we were able to come up with the name The Legends for our radio show. We were also able to brainstorm a few ideas that we had for the show and map out how we were going to focus it around our characters. We’re making progress.

This week, I worked on three audio assignments. Those assignments included Theme Song, Real Housewives Tagline, and TV Product Placement Radio Ad.

For the first assignment, Theme Song, I downloaded a few sound clips from and put them together to create my theme song. While trying to create my own theme song, I had a challenging time trying to think of creative sounds to put together. I then had the idea to try to insert a few sound clips into an instrumental of one of my favorite songs. In preparing to do that, I downloaded the instrumental from my favorite song and I downloaded a few audio sound clips from As I was downloading sounds, I didn’t have anything specific in mind so I chose a few that I thought were fun. I used garage band to bring all of my audio together. As I was inserting the sound clips, I realized that I could create a cool theme song without using the instrument song that I originally planned to add in. I started with the sound of a train and paired the sound of an angelic “ahh” with another sound (one that I can’t fully explain). I then repeated the sounds in opposite order. To finish the theme song, I used a sound clip that says “oh yeah”.  I am very happy with the way it turned out.

For the second assignment, Real Housewives Tagline, I had to create a tagline expressing who I am. I chose to create one expressing what my character Deidra the Determinator was like. The tagline is kind of long compared to the taglines that they use for the show Real Housewives but I think it’s ok. It expresses Deidra’s mindset. To create this tagline, I recorded my voice using the voice memos app on my phone. I then uploaded the recording to GarageBand, a program on my laptop. As I was playing around with the different features on GarageBand, I was able to manipulate the sound of my voice and change the pitch.

For TV Product Placement Radio Ad, we were tasked with the job of using a clip from a movie or TV show that is discussing a product. This product can be food, technology, a restaurant, etc. We need to use this clip and turn it into a radio ad for product placement. When thinking of a show or movie that I recall describing a product, I immediately thought about the Sponge-bob Square-pants episode where they have to deliver a pizza. The song that he created to describe the Krusty Krab Pizza was very catchy and thought it would be cool to use that for my radio add. I paired this video clip with an audio recording that I made to reiterate that The Krusty Krab Pizza is the pizza for anyone who listens. I used GarageBand to bring both audio pieces together. I then tried to play around with the sound effects to see what kind of different sounds I could create. I only edited my voice part in effort to try to make it flow with the TV clip.

This week, I also did three daily creates.

For my first daily create assignments, I completed the statement “This I believe…”. I chose to complete the statement by saying “This I believe I will finish this semester strong”.

It’s the middle of the semester but the end does not seem to be coming soon enough. As I try to manage my time well while being handed assignment after assignment, I often find myself wanting to quit and just give up. However, I have come very far and graduation is only a few months away. As I try to find motivation and encouragement to keep pushing through, I have to tell myself that I will get through this. My daily create represents one of the ways I encourage myself to keep persevering.

For my second daily create, I had to think of a job that could be worse than mine. When thinking about this, the image that came to my mind was a bird pooping. I figured if there was a job were people had to clean up bird droppings all day, that would be one of the worst ones to have. If there were a job as a bird dropping cleaner, I would imagine that it would be located everywhere there are birds. I would also imagine this job to be very tedious. Can you imagine what that would be like? You could spend hours cleaning an area and then as soon as you finish, a bird drops another load on that area. It’s almost similar to when you get your car washed and as soon as you leave the carwash, a bird drops one on the hood of your car.


For my final daily create this week, I created a meme for when a clown gets the blues.

A clown who has the blues wouldn’t be able to do their job of putting smiles on other people’s faces (at least the ones who aren’t terrified of clowns). In order for them to do their job they have to be cheerful. I tried to imagine something that usually brightens other people’s day. For the first line, I said “when I’m down in the dumps I think about pups to cheer me up”. I chose this image because puppies have a way of bringing happiness to other people. To take it a little farther, to add some dark humor, I added to the bottom of the picture “And when that doesn’t work I make balloon animals for kids and pop them”.

As part as my last assignment for this week, I decided to create a poster to advertise my group’s upcoming radio show.

To design the poster, I used the website  The poster displays our Radio Station name, one of the main ideas for our show, and radio image. It’s simple but displays the right amount of information.


This Week with Design

This week, our focus was on design. I enjoyed working on the assignments this week because it allowed me to be creative in a way that I am familiar with. The assignments weren’t too difficult to create and they weren’t too time consuming as the audio week was.

This week I did 4 assignments from the design assignments category. This included Create your own DS106 Wallpaper, Generate Cool Letters, Favorite Movie Quotes, and Story Telling through Pictures.

Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper!

For this assignment, I created my DS106 wallpaper using the website I started off with a blank document and scrolled through the templates that were on the website to get a feel of how I could design my wallpaper and what elements I wanted to use. After browsing through the templates, I decided that I would create my own design. I decided to use a picture of a building on campus as my focal image. I did this because the first thing that I think about when I see DS106 is our school, University of Mary Washington. To get a copy of the picture onto Canva, I had to upload the image to the website. Once I positioned my photo onto my working space, I adjusted the transparency of the photo so that it could fade into the background a little more.  I then proceeded to look for the font that I wanted to use. While looking through some of the font options, I had the idea to insert the title “DS106” in a circle and have the words “Digital Storytelling” alongside of it. Instead of Digital Story telling being read horizontally, I chose to rotate it 90 degrees so that it would be vertical. The circle that I chose to use was inserted from the shapes box. I expanded it and changed the transparency so that the circle could be seen without taking away from the background. To finish off the wallpaper, I colored the outside boarder to a navy blue and then I inserted an arrow to make it look like a cursor. I chose to insert the used as a representation for online since we are taking this course online. I’m happy with the way my wall paper turned out. I think it’s simple but incorporates what I think of when I think of our class.

Generate Cool Letters

Using the website provided,, I was able to create a cool logo for my character Deidra the Determinator. The website allows you to create your own custom logos or you can use one of the ones that they provided and customize that. I chose to customize my own after playing around on the website. For my font, I used their “cool fancy text generator” chose to do one that I haven’t used before. This font is different and it includes different markings through its letters. After choosing the font, I copied it and I chose a logo to customize. From there, I was able to change the line space, letter spacing, and font size. When I was finished with that, I proceeded to the logo section where I was able to customize the stroke color, stroke width, background color, and text color. I was able to create a shadow with my logo my manipulating the different functions under the shadow category. Before I finished the logo, I chose a background that I felt would blend nicely with my logo.

Favorite Movie Quote

One of my all-time favorite movies is The Little Rascals. I can quote just about all the lines from the movie. One of my favorite scenes is when Alfalfa decides to write Darla a love note after being told he couldn’t see her because he was on probation. In order for him to get the note to her, he had to tell his friends that it was a hate note so that they would deliver it. As he writes his actual note telling Darla that he can’t live without her, he says the fake message

“Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You’re skum between my toes. Love Alfalfa”. As his friends deliver the note to Darla, they misplace the actual note and verbally tell her what it “said”.  I love the way they restated the note for her. Every time I see that part of the movie, I laugh to myself. I could only imagine the thoughts that were going through Darla’s mind at the moment.

Storytelling Through Pictures

For this assignment, I chose to tell the story of the time my character, Deidra the Determinator, broke her leg in high school. I chose to use clip art pictures to tell her story.

 It was Deidra’s sophomore year of high school. She had finally made the varsity cheerleading team and was very excited. Whenever she was free, she would practice her routines and her tumbling. As her team was preparing for competition, they decided to add new stunts to improve their routine. After spending multiple weeks trying to nail this stunt, her team began to feel defeated because they were still having difficulty completing the routine perfectly. The captain wanted to take part of the stunt, where Deidra would be high up in the air, out of the routine but Deidra was determined to master it and showcase it at the competition. She believed that part of the stunt was their secret weapon and would help their team win number one. After practicing a few more times, the team was finally able to nail their routine. The day before the competition, the team practiced one more time. The practice was going great until the very end of the routine where Deidra was in the air. Coming down, Deidra fell pretty hard and ended up breaking her leg. Not only would she have to wear a cast until her leg was healed, but she also couldn’t compete in the competition.

Since she couldn’t cheer with her leg being broken, Deidra had so much more free time on her hands. To save herself from complete boredom, she started drawing and creating things on paper that she had thought up in her mind. She didn’t think her work was that great but some of her friends saw her pieces and were completely amazed by what they saw. Her friends encouraged her to continue with her creativity and even suggested that she look into a few art classes to help her improve her artistic creative ability. While she still loves cheering and hopes to get back to it soon, she found another passion for art and used that as a way to occupy her free time while she waited for her foot to leg to heal.


For this assignment, I took a few pictures around my house and on campus that demonstrates some of the design principles.

My first photo shows dominance. When looking at the photo, the viewer’s eyes will go to the Aspire banner and then they will look at the other objects in the photo. The Aspire banner is dominant. The next item that the viewer’s eye’s may go to is the light post and/or the tree. I believe these two items are subdominant. The last thing that the viewer may see is the people in the background and the walking path. These items would be the subordinate items.

Photo two represents rhythm. The pot holder’s design includes flowers with specific colors that repeat. I believe the pattern on the potholder is a regular pattern because elements and the intervals between the elements share the same size.

Photo three shows proportion. There are three items in this photo that are different and vary in size and shape. The flowers that are in the vase also show proportion. Some of the flowers are tall while the others are shorter.

Photo four displays typography and also shows a message. The words written on this canvas displays words with different font sizes and styles. The use of different font styles can help grasp the viewer’s attention. There’s also a message displayed in this photo that tells the viewer to follow their heart ad do what makes you happy.

For my Daily Creates this week, I took a look to see what bat boy has been doing with himself since the last time we heard from him.

I found that bat boy was recently on American Idol and he has signed a recording contract.

The next daily create was to add myself to the cast of a classic TV show.  I chose the show Family Matters, a show that I used to watch all the time and still do now whenever it comes on TV.

I think I blend in perfectly with the cast.

Dunkin’ Donuts has decided to drop the word “Donuts” from their company moniker and wants to be known as just “Dunkin”. We aren’t exactly sure what else they will serve/market. For the final daily create, we were to specify the new frontiers that Dunkin’ wanted to expand to.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Dunkin’ will expand their frontiers to ducks. It even has a nice ring to it, Dunkin’ Ducks!

This Week with Audio

This week was more challenging for me than the previous weeks. I’m more familiar with and comfortable with photography and visuals. Audio is one of my weaker areas. I have no problem recording audio but when it comes to mixing my audios with instrumentals or other sounds, it becomes more difficult.

For this week’s Audio assignments, we were required to use some form of audio editing tools to help us mix sounds with other beats. For my assignments, I used GarageBand which is a program that I already had downloaded on my laptop.

For the first assignment, I did tongue twister. This assignment required me to record myself saying a tongue twister as fast as I could. The tongue twister was the easier part for me. Putting it together with an instrumental is where the challenge began. This was my first time using GarageBand so I had to familiarize myself with the system. I learned how to trim audio clips, mute other pieces or work that I may have on there, and control the volume of the different pieces of audio. As I familiarized myself with basis of the program, I was able to finish this assignment and others with more ease.

Here’s the audio sample below.

The second assignment that I worked on was Auditory Hell. I enjoyed putting this one together. For this assignment, I used to find prerecorded audio of the sounds that I hate to hear. I included the first four sounds that I could think of that annoys me. These sounds included people chewing loudly, the idle sound of a diesel truck, the sound of the lawn mower, and the faucet dripping. Each of these sounds annoy me indifferent ways and I think it was cool to hear how they all sounded after putting them together in one audio file.

The third assignment that I worked on was sound effects story. For this one, I used sounds from and created a sound story about what Deidra does on Fridays when school is finally over. The sounds that I used was students packing up, the bell ringing, students talking, a bus driving and stopping, a door opening and closing, someone sitting, and someone sighing. These are some of the sounds that brought me great joy in high school as well as some of the sounds that I enjoy hearing when I come home.

The next assignment that I did for this week was sounds around me, which also happens to be one of the assignments that I created. For this assignment, I recorded sounds that I usually hear on a daily basis while walking to class, going to work, and sitting in my house. Once I recorded the sounds that I wanted to use, I found an instrumental beat that I wanted to pair my audio clips with. This time while imputing the audio, one of my friends who has more experience with audio walked me through a few steps to improve my audio pairing. He showed me how to blend my sounds, loop my sounds, and fade them into the background so that it wasn’t overbearing and taking away from the instrumental.

This week, I had the pleasure to listen to the ds106 radio and live tweet. This was different because usually when I live tweet, it’s about something that I watch as opposed to something that I listen to. It was cool hearing the stories on the radio and a few of the characters were funny. Along with listening to the radio, I created a radio bumper. This was pretty simple and also enjoyable.

I recorded it in front of my roommates and had them to cheer at the end as if we were doing a live recording and they were a part of the audience. While recording, I thought about the different ways that other people talk on the radio and inform their listeners about the station that they are listening to. They’re usually cheerful and energetic so I tried to be energetic as well. I also had the chance to brainstorm a few ideas for an upcoming radioshow. I was able to think of much but I think I would like to do something that involves the characters that we created. We could have a character talk show or even tell the stories that our characters create.

For this week’s daily creates, I told my age without using numbers. At first I was going to say “this is my Jordan year” but I figured that would be too easy. I decided to use the release year of two movies to tell my age. The movies that I used was Toy Story and Clueless which are both movies that I’ve watched a few times over the years.

Another daily create that I did was replacing the name of a band with the name of a book. The first book that came to mind was the notebook and after thinking about different bands, I chose the Backstreet Boys. After combing the band with the book, I created The Notebook Boys.

The last daily create that I did was pairing two famous people from history together and imagining what their offspring would be.  I chose Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, two people who were incredibly gifted with their voices. Could you imagine how musically inclined their child could be if they had one together.

Apart of our assignments, we had to listen to “Moon Graffiti”. I enjoyed the audio more than I thought I would. It was a great audio piece. The way the audio was put together made me feel as though I was with Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin while they were on their journey. The radio broadcasting is very clear and resembles the sounds that you would hear in movies. If the author wouldn’t have told us, I would have thought that this was an actual recording. Audio helps to bring stories together.  As Abumrad said, sound can help create empathy. It brings forth emotions that will have you happy and normal one moment to sad and emotional the next moment. I usually enjoy watching movies and seeing how others carry out the storyline. Sound creation can help create new sounds or give new meaning to sounds.

Audio also has a way of allowing a person to imagine their own story and picture details in their minds just by listening. As Abumrad would say, it’s like co-authorship because author describes something and the listener paints their own picture. As story tellers, we have the ability to use our voices form connections among different readers. Their overall picture may be different, but the idea behind the picture could be similar. The way this audio from Moon Grafiti was put was put together, enabled me to feel as though I was in the moment with Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin while they were on the moon moving around and talking with each other.