Final Project Progress Report

For my final project, I decided to tell a story about how my character Deidra spent her holidays. I decided to name the story Deidra’s Holiday Shabockle. The story will be about how Deidra spends thanksgiving with a friend from school after not being able to make it home to her family. During the holidays she gets to learn more about her friend and vice versus.

To tell the story, I think I’m going to introduce the beginning using a video with index cards similar to the video “This is Deidra” that I made a few weeks ago. I would also like to include pictures similar to the my snap per step creation and maybe even a GIF story similar to my Guess My GIF story. To add a few more elements and  incorporate what I’ve learned to do this semester, I would also like to use audio and try to bring the story together into a video. I’ve created the story line for this story and I’m looking forward to putting it all together and viewing the final project.

Mashing Friends and Emojis Tutorial

Instructions for how to do the mashing friends and emojis assignment similar to mine below

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Emoji Mashup #ds106

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Step 1: Find some friends who are willing to model/pose for you

Step 2: View the different emojis and select one to copy (you can select the emoji or your friend can select the emoji)

Step 3: After choosing the emoji, find a picture of that emoji online or take a picture of the emoji (I chose to take a blank picture on snapchat and insert the emoji as a sticker)

Step 4: The friend will now copy what the emoji is doing to the best of their ability. Take a picture of friend posing (you may want to take a few pictures and compare them to make sure the emoji and the model look similar)

Step 5: Using a photo collage app, upload the two photos next to each other to compare them. They can be side by side or one on top of the other. (I chose to use the app Layout app)

Step 6: Save your mash up creation and upload it for others to see


What Am I? Remixed Edition

For this remix assignment, we were supposed to take the original assignment and turn it pink. I chose to do this by finding a pink object and attempting to take a Blurry photo. To blur the photo, I moved my phone back and forth repeatedly and then pressed the button to capture the picture. I had to do this a few times to get the photo right. The first few times it was completely blurry. I tried to do it again but then I ended up taking a photo that missed the objects that I was focusing on. I finally got the blurred object on the last picture. Can you guess what the objects in the pictures are?

The original:

The Remix:

From Daily Creates to Short Story

Mini Maval, a mini monster, was invited to a Halloween party this weekend. She was so excited that she couldn’t focus on anything else, not even her homework. Instead of doing her work, she was planning out her costume for the party and how she was going to style her hair. As the week went on, her assignments piled up and so did her chores.

As the evening went on, her uncle Mick and brother IG noticed that Mini Maval was neglecting her responsibilities and reminded her of a PSA that they saw on the school’s billboard. It stated “procrastination will lead to sleepless nights…Do your work now so you can enjoy your sleep later on”.

She heard what they said but she decided to brush them off. She thought to herself, “I have plenty of time to finish my work but right now I have to go to the mall to find the finishing touches for my costume”.

The next day, Mini Maval was in class, as they were preparing to leave, Miss Cowlay reminded the class of the project that was due tomorrow. She told the class that she would not be accepting any late projects or excuses. Miss Cowlay was a very cool teacher who would do anything for her students, she even dressed up as a cow today per their request.  She’s very nice but she also meant business.

Mini Maval has been so focused on preparing for this party that she forgot all about this project that was due. She knew she made a mistake by procrastinating and knew she had to stay up all night to finish this project. Mini Maval had been working on her project ever since she got home and was no where close to being finished. On top of all of that, she still had to finish her chores before the party tomorrow. She decided to take a break from the project and take care of her chores first. As she finished her chores, she looked at the clock and saw that it was after midnight. Mini Maval was so tired but she knew that she couldn’t go to sleep just yet. She had to finish that project no matter what.

The time was now 3:00am and Mini Maval just finished her project. She quickly put her stuff away and jumped in bed. Her alarm went off at 6:15 indicating that it was time for her to get up and ready for school. Mini Maval was so exhausted but she got up anyway. When she arrived at school, everyone was talking about the Halloween party that was taking place that evening. They were discussing their costumes and what time they were going to arrive at the party. Mini Maval tried to engage in the conversation with them but she was so tired and all she could think about was taking a nap.

It was finally the end of the school day. Mini Maval turned in her project and made her way to her bus. As soon as she got home, she ran up the stairs and jumped in her bed. She was so sleepy, she forgot to set an alarm. The Halloween party that Mini Maval was so excited for was going to start at 6:30. The party time came and went and Mini Maval was still asleep. She was so tired that she didn’t hear anyone knocking on the door or feel her phone vibrating.

Mini Maval finally woke up at 9pm. She had a great nap and was ready for the party. When she looked at the clock, she was in complete shock. She missed the party that she had spent all week planning for all because she stayed up late to finish the project that she procrastinated on.

A Craigslist Special

For this assignment, we had to take a website that has already been published and assert our own story in that website.

I chose to use an ad from The original ad offered childcare services.





I chose  remixed this ad to offer services for organizing and de-cluttering someone’s home.









To do this, I used the suggested website tool  Mozilla X-Ray Goggles tool. Before remixing the website, I installed Mozilla X-Ray Goggles tool and went through their tutorial. The tutorial helped me to become familiar with the program and showed me how to change the text.

When it was time for me remix the website on my own, I found that it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I went through each section and modified the text the way that I wanted. I was able to change just about everything except for the original picture on the screen and the original map.


Week 8 Radio Progress

This week my group has been working to finish up our radio show project. We were able to meet up together on Wednesday and discuss our view points as well as the backgrounds of our characters. We decided on the main topic and have been putting together a script that includes our characters, placement of ads, and placements of bumpers. I believe that meeting with my group has helped me to get a better understanding of where everyone was coming from as well as seeing how all of our ideas would come together to form one concise radio show. Everyone is contributing in different ways. A majority of us have decided to each create a bumper and a commercial to add to our show. I’m considering editing one of the assignments that I completed last week so that I can add it to our show.

 One of my group members has a lot more experience with putting together and editing audio so we decided to let him be in charge of bringing all of contributions together to create the final product. In an effort to help him with that, we had agreed to finish working on the script by Wednesday evening/early Thursday so that we can each record our voice parts and send them to him by Thursday evening.

Considering our meeting we had on Wednesday and looking at what each member has contributed thus far, I’m confident that our radio show will be great! I looking forward to hearing the final product!

Radio Show Progress

This week, my group has been brainstorming ideas for our upcoming radio show. While getting started, we had a late start. With this being midterms week, most of my group, including me, has been preoccupied with studying for other classes. Wednesday came and we had yet to discuss our radio show.  A google doc was created for us all to communicate but there wasn’t any information in the document. Yikes!

Finally, Thursday afternoon came and my group had come up with a few ideas for our radio show. So far we have decided on the name The Legends for our radio show. We were also able to brainstorm a few ideas that we had for the show and map out how we were going to focus it around our characters. We’re making progress and have found that slack is an efficient way for us to communicate with each.

I’m looking forward to seeing how everything will come together!

Design Reflection

Design is a very interesting concept. It’s all around us. So much so that we even notice it. The late Bill Moggridge once stated that it doesn’t occur to most people that everything is designed — that every building and everything they touch in the world is designed. I find this to be very true. We’ve become so used to everything around us that we don’t always see them as designs but rather a building, piece of furniture, or object. Just about everything we use has been designed in some shape or form.

Designs are everywhere, some are created on purpose and some come about while trying to do something else. I can imagine there being a time that a house was supposed to be built a certain way but a measurement or a design element was left out causing a new creation to be formed. I’ve done this plenty of times. When in class, I would attempt to do something following the way a teacher does it but I may skip a step or add an additional step which leads to a new creation.