What Makes a Story Great?

What makes a story a great story? What makes a great book great is the use of language as much as the plot. The Golden Goose is a good example of a great book because it encompasses numerous details in which a great story would have. This story was presented in a way that makes the reader want to know more. While I was reading, I was able to envision the characters paint a mental picture in my head. The pictures that the story presented were ok but somewhat vague and represented an older period of time. Although they were older, they did help to describe the setting of the forest and village during an older time.

Within the first paragraph, we learn that Simpleton, one of the main characters, has two other brothers who tend to get more attention than he does. As the oldest brother is out in the woods trying to hew wood, the axe he’s using slips and cuts his arm causing him to have to return home immediately. As we continue reading, the story tells us that this happened to him because he refused to share with the little grey old man, another important character, who was very hungry and thirsty. After learning that the little grey man had something to do with this injury, I wanted to keep reading to see what else would happen.

The story continues with middle brother now going into the woods and being approached by the little grey man. The middle brother dismisses the man which leads him to having his leg cut so badly that he had to be carried home. This scene displays sequencing which is another trait that a great story will have. Another characteristic that makes this a great story is how the character is developed and changed throughout this work. We can see this with Simpleton, the youngest brother. As Simpleton, enters the story he unlike his brother shares with the little grey man and in return he is granted with good luck. As he continues throughout the book, he comes upon a golden goose. Different people who comes across this golden goose tries to touch it, but as they do, their hands become stuck. Simpleton doesn’t pay this much mind and continues about his business.

Eventually, Simpleton comes across this King and his daughter. When he does so, he finds himself having to complete certain tasks in order to marry the king’s daughter. Each challenge that the king places in front of him, Simpleton completes. In the beginning of the story, Simpleton is said to have been despised of and neglected on all occasions. When he completes each challenge that the king sets in front of him, everyone sees him and can’t ignore him. He is then give the princess’s hand in marriage which leads him to becoming king soon after. We see Simpleton go from someone who is often times neglected to becoming a person that everyone has to look to and respect.

This story also emphasizes representation of life to the audience. When approached by the little grey man, two of the characters refused to show kindness to him which resulted in them getting hurt while the one character who did show kindness was ultimately the character who succeeded. This shows readers that when you are kind to others, kind things will happen to you but if you are mean and hurtful to others, ultimately you will be the one who is hurt in the end. While portraying this message in the story, we see connection and in a way are able to relate to the characters and understand what is going on throughout the story.