Everyday Super Powers

If my character Deidra could have any superpower in the world, it would be to read people’s minds.  She believes that if she were able to read people’s minds, she would be able to know how they truly feel about her and know when they are being genuine and when they’re being fake. Growing up Deidra struggled with opening up to others because she didn’t know if their intentions were good or not. At times she would be able to sense when someone was lying to her or hiding something. If she were able to read their minds, she would be able to automatically know how others felt without her assuming things.

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Superpower Mashup #mindreader #ds106

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For this assignment we were to mash up at least 2 photos showing a superpower that we wished we had. I chose the power to people’s minds. I found a picture of a superhero girl reading someone’s mind and mashed it with a photo of people sitting around talking. To do this, I used the app Photoshop mix and brought the photos together. I then cut the background and adjusted the photo to blend with the main photo. Using the app to mash the photos was a little difficult at first but as I played around with it and looked at the tutorials I began to understand how use some of the features. It’s still a work in progress.

Favorite Holiday Mashup

To complete this assignment, we were to use a photo editing software to mash up our top 3 holiday celebrations. I chose to mash up 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. To do this, I used a picture of a Christmas tree, a turkey, and fireworks. I then brought the photos together using the Photoshop mix app. Once I inserted the pictures, I edited a few of them so that the fireworks would blend behind the Christmas tree. I then added a background color to tie all of the images together. I chose to use my character Deidra as inspiration in creating this assignment.

3 of Deidra’s favorite holidays to celebrate is 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. These are her favorite holidays because her family and friends usually come together to celebrate with each other. 4th of July is the main event during the summer time where they all get together, play games, cook out, and enjoy each other’s company. As it gets darker, Deidra’s family gathers outside to watch the fireworks. This is her favorite part! Her uncle Bobby is always in charge of fireworks and he usually gets the huge ones and sets them off for her family.

Favorite Holiday Mashup

For thanksgiving, Deidra’s family always goes to her grandmother’s house for dinner. While there, Deidra usually helps prepare the food in the kitchen along with her mother, aunts, and grandmother. One year, Deidra was “in charge” of making the turkey. When she went to grab the turkey out of the box, instead of finding one that was ready to be put in the oven, she found a live one that started chasing her around the house. Now every year, Deidra’s family brings up that memory and then they watch the video of her being chased around the house. After thanksgiving dinner, the family rests up and prepares for an evening of shopping.

The next day, after everyone has finished shopping and had leftovers for lunch, Deidra’s family goes out to pick a Christmas tree. Once they found the one that they like, they chop it down and take it back to her grandmother’s house to decorate. When decorating, they listen to Christmas music and hang ornaments, lights, and other decorations (some of which goes back to before Deidra was born). When they finish decorating, they sit back and watch Christmas movies. Later on Christmas Eve, the family returns to Deidra’s grandmother’s house for a gingerbread house competition. They end the night driving around looking at Christmas light displays.

Deidra’s Storytelling Through Pictures

For this assignment, I chose to tell the story of the time my character, Deidra the Determinator, broke her leg in high school. I chose to use clip art pictures to tell her story.

It was Deidra’s sophomore year of high school. She had finally made the varsity cheer-leading team and was very excited. Whenever she was free, she would practice her routines and her tumbling. As her team was preparing for competition, they decided to add new stunts to improve their routine. After spending multiple weeks trying to nail this stunt, her team began to feel defeated because they were still having difficulty completing the routine perfectly. The captain wanted to take part of the stunt, where Deidra would be high up in the air, out of the routine but Deidra was determined to master it and showcase it at the competition. She believed that part of the stunt was their secret weapon and would help their team win number one. After practicing a few more times, the team was finally able to nail their routine. The day before the competition, the team practiced one more time. The practice was going great until the very end of the routine where Deidra was in the air. Coming down, Deidra fell pretty hard and ended up breaking her leg. Not only would she have to wear a cast until her leg was healed, but she also couldn’t compete in the competition.

Since she couldn’t cheer with her leg being broken, Deidra had so much more free time on her hands. To save herself from complete boredom, she started drawing and creating things on paper that she had thought up in her mind. She didn’t think her work was that great but some of her friends saw her pieces and were completely amazed by what they saw. Her friends encouraged her to continue with her creativity and even suggested that she look into a few art classes to help her improve her artistic creative ability. While she still loves cheering and hopes to get back to it soon, she found another passion for art and used that as a way to occupy her free time while she waited for her foot to leg to heal.

Deidra’s Very Own Logo

Using the website provided, coolletter.net, I was able to create a cool logo for my character Deidra the Determinator. The website allows you to create your own custom logos or you can use one of the ones that they provided and customize that. I chose to customize my own after playing around on the website. For my font, I used their “cool fancy text generator” chose to do one that I haven’t used before. This font is different and it includes different markings through its letters. After choosing the font, I copied it and I chose a logo to customize. From there, I was able to change the line space, letter spacing, and font size. When I was finished with that, I proceeded to the logo section where I was able to customize the stroke color, stroke width, background color, and text color. I was able to create a shadow with my logo my manipulating the different functions under the shadow category. Before I finished the logo, I chose a background that I felt would blend nicely with my logo.

Sound Effects Story

Here’s the audio story of Deidra getting out of school on a Friday. After a long week filled with so much homework and exams, she was excited to leave school after her last class.

These are some of the sounds that Deidra heard today while leaving school and making her way back home. I tried to capture a mix of sounds that I enjoyed hearing while I was in high school and a few of the sounds I hear when I come home.

Follow along and see if you can tell what’s going on in the story based on the sounds.


It’s not a Bird, I don’t think it’s a plane…

Today while attempting to work on homework, Deidra got distracted and decided that she wanted to take some photos outside since the weather was nice. in the midst of trying to get up and go outside, Deidra snapped this photo:

It’s very blurry and it took her a while to figure out what the object was. Once she figured it out, she decided to turn it into a guessing game to see if anyone else can figure it out. After what seems like forever, I finally figured it out but now I want to know if you can guess what it is. Would you like to take on the challenge? Comment below if you think you know what this is a picture of.

What’s in Deidra’s Bag of Goods?

Today Deidra is carrying her go to book bag which holds most of her essential goods.

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What’s in my bag of goods today? 🤔 #ds106

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Today’s essential goods include:

Laptop – To work on a few assignments.

Earphones – Used to listen to videos or music. Deidra also uses them as a way to ignore people, she puts them in and acts as though she can’t hear anything.

iPad mini – To watch Netflix while working on homework.

Umbrella – Just in case it rains.

Keys attached to wallet – Keys needed for her car and house. Wallet is essential because it stores id and debit card.

Snacks – When Deidra doesn’t eat anything, she gets very hangry and can turn into a beast. The snacks help to keep her calm and tie her over until she can get a meal.

Planner – A way for Deidra to stay organized. She doesn’t use it often but she’s determined to use it this year to help her stay on task.

Notebook – Used to take notes but towards the further back is where Deidra lets her creative juices flow and comes up with different ideas and creations.

Lotion – Deidra likes to stay moisturized.

Hand Sanitizer – Got to wipe those germs away.

Chap stick – Helps prevent chapped lips.

Calculator – Helps Deidra calculate how high she may have to build a catapult to launch something 10 feet away.

Tissue – Cleans the boogers and helps when she gets a few nose bleeds.

Pencil/Pen – Deidra likes to practice her chopstick skills when she gets bored in class, they’re also great tools to use to write down a few notes.

Mints – She likes to give these to people she sits next to in class to help them freshen their breath.

Medicine – Never know when you’re going to have a headache so Deidra likes to keep a few painkillers in her bag.

Charger – After being on her phone looking at Pinterest for a whole class period, Deidra needs a charger to juice up her phone so that she can browse through Instagram in her next class.

Water Bottle – Hydrate or Diedrate am I right?

Jacket – Deidra gets cold while taking naps in some buildings so she comes prepared with her jacket.

Meet Deidra

Deidra the Determinator

Meet Deidra! An 18-year-old female who is kind and very passionate about what she does. She is very creative and also a daydreamer. From time to time you can find her staring off into space or out of a widow thinking about different things to create or how to carry out elaborate plans that she creates. Deidra is also a determinator, so much so that she has coined the nickname Dee-Dee (Determined Deidra). She never gives up no matter what it is. When she envisions something, she’s not satisfied until she has tried it out to see if it will work or to see how it will look. For example, if she has an idea to redecorate a room or rearrange furniture, she will design a layout in her head and has to see it through in order to be satisfied. Others may tell her that an item is too big to go in the area that she wants or such and such won’t look right but she doesn’t listen to them. Once she gets it in her head to has to carry it out and see for herself what it will look like. At times this can be seen as a positive attribute but for Deidra, this could also be negative. She will pursue and try to achieve the end goal no matter how harmful and unhealthy the risk may be. Growing up Dee-Dee was bullied multiple times and when she would confide in others they would turn it against and share her information with others. For this reason, she is typically kind to other people but has a hard time trusting and letting other people in. When treated unfairly, she seeks revenge and does not stop until she gets the revenge that she is satisfied with. At times when she is daydreaming, she’s thinking of elaborate ways to seek revenge on someone who has done her wrong. The plans that she thinks of are very creative but at times very elaborate and over the top. When seeking revenge, she is so determined to get the other person back that she doesn’t think about the harm that it can cause her or others who may be around. Her last determined revenge plan caused her to break her foot and now she has to walk around on crutches which limits her mobility. After this incident, she has realized that her determined behavior can backfire on her and cause more problems than satisfying solutions. She is working on not letting her determined behavior control her and how she behaves but this is taking time and is still a work in progress.